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My story started on a barren land
not far away from your world,
where I stood in the shade of an old
and dry tree. The tree was about
to collapse and die.
The tree pleaded me to go away and save my life but I was unwilling to leave. It is not our nature to leave the place where we are born.
The tree tried explaining me that my thinking was outdated and so were my habits. I should just get rid of them and survive.
The tree continued requesting me to leave. Alas! Tree in its most painful stage asked me to find the answers myself. I wished to know the reasons behind the tree’s death.
But I made up my mind to move.
I put in all my strength and pulled out
myself from seeds.
My curiosity had no bounds,
just like every Wanderer and then
my journey of visiting the
world of humans began.
So I came to the human world – your world. I found my answers,
observed the reality- the
non-sustainable world of humans.
I realised my purpose of
making the world love nature
by igniting the minds of people.
And… here..
I became ‘Greeny’- the initiator.

  2013 © Greeny The Great. All rights Reserved