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Greeny- the wanderer has visited many places, observed many problems in our beautiful world. Greeny has a lot to tell, and has narrated his stories through films. Greeny’s films are the stories that are a blend of right visuals and crisp message. Take each film and you will find that ‘Greeny’- the Protagonist first shows us facts, then leads us to the realization of the problem and finally makes us meet a solution or feel the impact.

These Films strike the emotional chords of any viewer and simply convey the Green message. The strength of these films lie in there duration as they convey the message in just a minute or less.

Finding their own message in Greeny’s Films, government organization Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) have funded six ‘Greeny’ films. The one minute films are being promoted across Maharashtra using different mediums by MTDC and Greeny the Great.

Having the team and making professional animation films, Greeny the Great is ready with the concepts, research on 100 films with the Green Message. All they are looking for is sponsors’, who are willing to reach out to people through this effective medium.
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