Greeny The Great

Greeny the Great is the amalgamation of imagination, love, and concern for the evnoirtenemnt. On an individual’s journey to find creative solutions for environmental issues, Greeny the Great was born.

Greeny is an animated sapling that first took physical shape on the pages of Mr. Sunil Bhonge’s sketchbook. Greeny was meant to be the environment’s mascot, a communicator between the environment and humans.

Awareness & Activation

Greeny the Great, a wanderer, a traveler, and an observer has been to many places. Greeny’s love for the environment has given him a voice. He has had a lot to say, a lot to share, and a lot to ask. Over the years Greeny has come forth through thought in films, books, stickers, and more.


Greeny evolved as an animated character through the medium of films. He could voice and express his ideas, his journey, his quest, and his answers through films. Greeny made great friends with MTDC along the way. The friendship evolved into many short films that deal with topics like sustainable tourism.