AKXY – The Home Composter

Akxy is a revolutionary hexagonal home composter that will easily turn your organic waste into nutrient-rich compost!

Akxy is designed to provide a simple, fast, and effective way to compost your kitchen and garden waste.

Akxy is uniquely designed to ensure an odor-free, insect-free, and mess-free composting experience. Akxy is user-friendly and environment-friendly.

The unique hexagonal shape makes it easy for Akxy to fit into any corner of your yard, garden, balcony, or apartment.

With Akxy, you can be a part of the solution! You help the environment by reducing the amount of waste output leaving your home and yourself by creating your own nutrient-rich compost without any hassle in no time!


Akxy is designed for effortless composting. With its sleek and compact design, Akxy easily fits into any home or apartment. Its hexagonal shape allows for maximum capacity and efficient decomposition of your food scraps, paper waste, and yard debris.

Featuring a user-friendly design, Akxy is incredibly easy to use. Simply #add your organic waste to the top and #let Akxy do the rest. #AddYourWasteAkyLetDoTheRest

Its unique ventilation system ensures proper air circulation, eliminating any unpleasant odors.

How to start using the Akxy Home Composter

  1. Open the lid of the composter.
  2. Empty the entire Bio-culture packet inside the composter and add the wet kitchen/garden waste to it.
  3. Close the lid and rotate the composter 4-5 times in the clockwise direction and 4-5 times in the anti-clockwise direction.

You are all ready to start your home composting journey with Akxy the Home Composter.

Daily Operation takes JUST 3 STEPS


Open the lid of the composter. 


Empty the wet kitchen/garden waste inside the composter and close the lid.


Rotate the composter 4-5 times in the clockwise direction and 4-5 times in the anti-clockwise direction.

THAT IS IT! With the Akxy Home Composter, home composting is as easy as these 3 steps!


  • User friendly
  • Needs only 40 seconds of your time every day.
  • Odor-free
  • Insect free
  • Flies free
  • Mess-free
  • Perfect for a family unit of 4
  • Easily operable by any member of the family
  • Stylish Hexagonal Shape
  • Requires very little space
  • Mesh on sides for aeration