“My mom has always had a kitchen garden. I have taken a home gardening course also. So, Ive have been wanting to home compost for a while. But, I was under the impression that home composting is a very difficult process and even more difficult to maintain. The thought of home composting always got me worried about the smell, flies, mosquitoes, etc. These things always were a barrier for me. When Rugved (my husband) got the Akxy Home Composter, he was sold and he was really proud that no wet waste would leave our house. After using it for some time now I am completely convinced. I could not be happier with Akxy. It is compact, super easy to use, there is no mess, no smell, nothing, and the compost is great. Now, I am just waiting for the first batch to be ready so I can use the compost in my garden!”

Shilpa Deshpande

Entrepreneur, Vrundvanam, Model colony, Pune

“My experience using the Akxy Home Composters has been a pleasant one. I have been using it for 2 months now. It converts everyday kitchen waste into compost. I put my vegetable waste, leftover food, and things like that in it every day. I have faced no obstacles. There is no smell, no flies, no mosquitoes so overall I am happy with my Akxy Home Composter.”

Sapna Gupte

Home Maker, Bhagyesh Apt., Sinhgad Road, Pune

“I have just started using the Akxy Home Composter and I am so happy that I have already suggested it to my friends as well. Home composting has never been made this easy. For ladies my age, this is the most convenient method as there is minimum effort and zero mess, and very easy to use as well. My friends have also started using Akxy and we are very happy! On a side note, if Akxy were a little taller, I wouldn’t have to bend as much and my back would also be just as happy as I am.”

Suniti Kelkar

Home Maker, Smurti Bangla, Prabhat Road, Pune

“I am extremely fond and proud of my Nursey. If you see my Instagram page, you’ll know that I am always experimenting and compost is a very important element of it. Up until now, I have tried many different composting methods but I was intrigued when I heard about Akxy. I think the fact that I am promoting Akxy in my area is my testimonial. I love using the Akxy Home Composter. So far it is the best, easiest, and most convenient home composter. I am so happy with it that I told the corporator about Akxy, and guess what? The corporators house also has a Akxy Home Composter now!”
Sushma Gaikwad

Entrepreneur, Emmanuel Villa, Kondhwa, Pune

“I have been using the Akxy Home Composter for a while now. At first, there were some Chilta (fruit flies) but on consulting with Team Greeny we saw that the water content was high. In a few days, that problem resolved itself and I have been happy since. I have not experienced any issues and am happy with my composting journey. Gandhar (son) also enjoys composting now. I have one suggestion. You should add a tray at the bottom to collect the super fine compost that falls from the mesh. That way none of the ready compost will get wasted.”
Hema Kulkarni

Homemaker, Meenaksheepuram, Singhgad road, Dhayari, Pune