Akxy The Home Composter

Elimination of the problem from its source. 

After serving for over 10 years, Greeny set out on a revolutionary waste segregation thought process. What could we do to ensure that the waste that leaves our homes is reduced to its maximum?

Greeny, in association with Vigyan Ashram, presents the AKXY Home Composter.

Small Change. Big Impact.

Awareness & Activation

Awareness & Activation

Have you met Greeny yet?

Greeny the Great is a mascot for the environment. The philosophy of Greeny is to encourage one and all to be a part of the solution, not the problem.

Greeny has been on a vivid educational and entertaining journey of sustainability with various partners such as MTDC, etc.


Over the years, Greeny has taken the challenge of working on waste management solutions. Swachagraha is a Greeny the Great initiative.

Swachagraha is a standardized method that focuses on reducing the dumping of Municipal Solid Waste by 90%,  in a planned manner. 

It has successfully been implemented in various Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns of Maharashtra such as Alandi, Shirdi, Bhor, and Karad.

Greeny Game

Greeny Game

Come, Bin it to Win it with Greeny!

Greeny the Great is inviting you to play The Greeny Game of waste segregation to get you started on your environmental solutions journey.

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“My experience using the Akxy Home Composters has been a pleasant one. I have been using it for 2 months now. It converts everyday kitchen waste into compost. I put my vegetable waste, leftover food, and things like that in it every day. I have faced no obstacles. There is no smell, no flies, no mosquitoes so overall I am happy with my Akxy Home Composter.”

Sapna Gupte

Home Maker, Pune

“I have just started using the Akxy Home Composter and I am so happy that I have already suggested it to my friends as well. Home composting has never been made this easy. For ladies my age, this is the most convenient method as there is minimum effort and zero mess, and very easy to use as well. My friends have also started using Akxy and we are very happy! On a side note, if Akxy were a little taller, I wouldn’t have to bend as much and my back would also be just as happy as I am.”

Suniti Kelkar

Home Maker, Pune