Greeny the Great is an amalgamation of imagination, love, and concern for the environment. On an individual’s journey to find creative solutions for environmental issues, Greeny the Great was born.

Greeny is an animated sapling that first took physical shape on the pages of Mr. Sunil Bhonge’s sketchbook. Greeny was meant to be the environment’s mascot, a communicator between the environment and humans. 

The story of Greeny’s birth is often narrated like this.

In the midst of dry land, a large old but dying tree stood with a bent back. Underneath its shadow, a small sapling was thriving. 

The little sapling was always jolly and happy. 

One day, a cracking sound from within the tree started surrounding the sapling as its back bent further toward the ground. 

The little sapling was worried.

The old and wise tree asked the sapling to leave the place or else he would get crushed under the falling tree.

The sapling was confused. He told the tree that saplings do not move from where they take root.

In plants, once the seed takes root, the tree is meant to grow old in the same place.

The wise tree sadly told the sapling that he needs to adapt to changing times. He must move or else he will die in the current situation like the old tree himself. 

With great effort, the sapling uprooted himself.

He felt great sadness for the wise tree. What was happening to the tree? Why was the old tree dying? Questions like these flooded the sapling’s mind. He even asked the old tree.

The wise old tree asked the sapling to go and find out why the tree was dying.

So, the sapling set out on his journey into the city to find out what has happened to his old tree friend.  The sapling wanted to know why it was happening and how it could be stopped.

On his journey to get the answers he was seeking, the sapling was named Greeny the Great. 

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